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MPV stands for Multi-Purpose Vehicle and refers to vehicles like the Espace, Galaxy, and similar people carriers. Besides seating 5 to 8 adults, all with seat belts, it is also a basic campervan with sleeping, cooking, and washing facilities. Everything is quickly and easily removable to turn it into a goods carrying vehicle.

If you need facilities for the occasional overnight stop, weekends, or holidays, but also need a vehicle for everyday use, then this is the conversion for you.

This is for all you surfing dudes. Don't put your beloved surfboards on the roof, unaerodynamically exposed to the elements, overhanging branches, and the gaze of thieves. Our design can house them in the van, completely out of sight, whilst still providing all the facilities of a campervan. Cool eh?

Cyclist? Yes, we can do the same sort of thing for you lycra folk with your state-of-the-art carbon bikes. Much better and safer than a bike rack.

This is the popular traditional campervan layout typical of most VWs with furniture along the offside, and a bench seat that converts to a double bed. This layout has the usual 4' wide bed in the back, plus another up top if you have a high top or elevating roof.

This is very much a family campervan conversion. In lwb form you can seat at least 6 people fully belted, and sleep two adults and at least three children (with a high top / elevating roof).

In North America motor caravans are called Recreational Vehicles or RVs but we are using the letters to denote our rear kitchen/bathroom layout, or Rear Version.

This is a luxury two berth campervan (but a front roof bed for children can be added), with two single beds that can be made into a double. Lwb vehicles have four fully belted seats in the rear, swb have two. A door sections off the toilet and shower for privacy. If you want a 5ft wide bed or two single beds plus all the facilities, then this is the conversion for you.


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