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For around half the cost of our full conversions, you can have our MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) conversion. The MPV is a load carrier, people carrier (5 - 8), plus overnight camper (2 - 6 berth).

Short Wheel Base Versions - SWB

Layout of MPV
C = Removable Camping Unit
T = Table Position
S = Bench Seat/Double Bed
B = Boot
---- = Extent of Double Bed


The full width bench seat with 2 lap and diagonal inertia belts, and 1 lap belt (or 3 lap & diagonal belts), converts to a 6ft x 5ft double bed.
Cooking and Washing

Cooking and washing facilities are provided by means of the MPV camping unit. The unit has a double burner & grill, wash bowl, tap, foot pump (or electric), cutlery tray, drain rack, and integral water and gas. A portable fridge is available at extra cost. The entire unit is easily removable for maximum load carrying space (and therefore possibly VAT reclaimable).


For dining or doing office work, there is an island leg table. The picture shows an extending optional (extra) extending box seat, so four can sit at table, as an alternative to swivelling cab seats (see too below).


Upgrade 1

Extra seat/Swivel seats.

On swb vehicles there is only room for one removable box seat. You can have a second box seat and exchange it with the camping unit when required. A Porta Potti 335 (extra) will fit in the box seats, or under the bed. Swivel bases can be fitted to the cab seats.

Upgrade 2

High top / Elevating roof with extra bed.

The high top roof is fully panelled, triple insulated, and with optional windows and roof vent (extras).

A slimline elevating roof is also available with canvas sides, and a flyscreened window, and keeps the VW Transporter under most height barriers. With either type of roof, a roof bed can be added to add another two berths.

Upgrade 3

Long Wheelbase Versions

In long wheelbase vehicles we add 2 easily removable box seats (Porta-Potti fits in) which can be set up outside. The box seats come with cushions and belts. These can also form a transverse child's bed.

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