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We give a year's warranty (at least) on all our campervan conversion work.

Base vehicles supplied by us may come with a manufacturer's warranty or may have a warranty supplied by us.


We want our customers to be as pleased with their campervan in years to come as they are when they first buy it. We give a no-quibble 12 month warranty though in practice we correct any faults long after the 12 months. After all, we get a lot of our customers from personal recommendation, and each of our campervans is an advert on wheels for WENTWORTH.

Most campervan conversions look very attractive when they are new, but consider some of the things we do to keep it that way, and also some of the things you don't see.

  When we cut the apertures for windows or roofs, for instance, we make sure the metal dust won't subsequently spoil your paint work. We are careful with the bonding and make a neat job of the join. You also have a rain gutter so that water does not run down over the doorways. Inside we fully panel the campervan with triple insulation consisting of a layer of glass wool between two layers of reflective foil. You don't see this but it will keep the van cool in the hot sun and warmer when it gets cold outside.

  When we put in your campervan windows we not only paint the cut metal edge with anti-rust paint we fill the rubber slots with sealant to prevent water ingress. Have you seen how some older campervans develop rust around the windows? Also, we don't join the rubber at the bottom of the window. A poor joint at the bottom will not reveal any leak there - it will just run down inside the panel storing up trouble for the future.

  Carpet trim is God's gift to campervan converters, covering a multitude of problems including gaps. However, it acts like a filter over gaps and discolours over time, so we seal all gaps.

  Many campervan converters use paper laminated light weight ply for their furniture. We think a hard laminate is going to stand the test of time rather better.

  There are table base fittings which corrode and there are others at twice the cost which don't. Needless to say we use the latter. It's the same with catches, hinges (brass or stainless steel - not "brassed" which rusts), and a multitude of other fittings and materials.

All these things add to the cost of course but they also add to the life of the vehicle and to its resale value.

We could do a cheaper job for you, but we don't really want to, and would you really want us to? It's just not worth it in the long run and, of course, we have our reputation to maintain, and that's important to us and our customers.

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