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When "Which Motorcaravan" Magazine tested a WENTWORTH VW RV here is what they had to say.....

"For 30 years makers have tried to squeeze a washroom into a short wheelbase Volkswagen, and abandoned the idea eventually as unworkable. Tucking a flush toilet in is easy, fitting an instant gas water heater is just about feasible, but a shower?"

"A casual glance gives no inkling of the RV's ingenious solution. Abandon the idea of a separate shower compartment, and adapt the rear kitchen for dual use"

"Lift the false floor to reveal the shower tray, hook-up the generously cut pair of shower curtains, raise the shower head into position, and voila`, the means to enjoy a refreshing deluge. Folding doors supply complete privacy from the lounge, and there is an abundance of light and ventilation from the high level opening window"

"A three-burner, spark ignition, hob plus a decent size sink/drainer, a good fridge and water heater add up to a total that's ahead of the game. It also looks great with the dark blue laminate surfaces, and loop pile (easy to brush clean) carpet"

"Wherever space allows there's a locker, plus the convenience of a fair size wardrobe accessible from the washroom arrangement. Cab seats swivelled with no fuss to create the sprawling zone, and stay that way for bed-making when the rear seats slide forward easily for a pair of 6ft 4in long singles. By adding a pair of centre supports and filler cushions, a 5ft wide double bed is the alternative"

"The curtains slide in place smoothly, and spotlights are well placed"

"For a camper complete with two stage insulation, water heater, excellent kitchen, and restful lounge, its price is certainly reasonable, especially since none of the competition has a specification to compare"

"As I've said, the price for an RV based on a completely new VW is keen, but for those equally interested but with a lower budget, Glenn offers alternatives in which Wentworth sources reliable used base vehicles with a known history. Or a conversion can be carried out on your own van if it meets the Wentworth standard"

"A VW that is better than par for the course"

"A layout with sensible priorities, and the equipment for off-site camping"

Here are some extracts from what "Which Motorcaravan" Magazine had to say when they tested a WENTWORTH VW .......

"gave every impression of being built to a specification rather than a price"

"Glenn Mealing describes potential Wentworth buyers as coming from two camps: 'People who don't mind spending a bit of money but who are discerning. Then, on the other hand there are people who want to do it on a budget'. I would be surprised if either groups went away disappointed"

Considering the type of layout, there are some good original design touches

Value for money   
A good all-round package with very little to criticise

Other quotes:
"Wentworth have also supplied in the past an optional shower fitting over the extra seat behind the driver. Again, a slight deviation from the normal VW conversion, was the provision here for a table between the cab seats. I rather liked the ingenuity of the sink cover also doubling as the extra 20in x 17in tabletop. This top can be used in the rear of the van if a smaller table is needed, or, for those wanting to eat outside, the smaller top acts as a base for the main table. Just add the two box seats and, voila, an outdoors dining suite. Clever, eh?"

"On the safety front, there is plenty to recommend this Wentworth, starting with a fire extinguisher in what to me is the logical place in this style of camper - attached to the rear seat base just inside the sliding door opening"


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