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MPV 4,425 Fixed roof (original van roof). For roof prices see below.
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SURF/BIKE 4,590 Fixed roof (original van roof). For roof prices see below.
Click here for SURF/BIKE full specification and cost breakdowns
CAMPER 6,430 Fixed roof (original van roof). For roof prices see below.
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RV 10,590 Includes high roof fitted.
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Note: Above prices are for short wheelbase vans.

For medium wheelbase (or long wheelbase vans where there is no medium wheelbase version) add 10%. For (extra) long wheelbase vans add 15%. For a guide to van prices, surf the net. A useful link is www.autotrader.co.uk/VANS For VW assured vans try www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk
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High top roofs and elevating roofs are available for the VW Transporter. Other vans may have a factory high roof version (as does the VW Transporter), and these are suitable. Elevating roofs and high top roofs are available for some vans for retro-fitting. We currently fit Reimo roofs.

We recommend high tops over elevating roofs. The only advantage of the elevating roof is that the van will fit under most height barriers. High tops are always there for storage no bringing stuff down when driving off, no raising and lowering fuss, far better insulation, less to go wrong, stronger, maintenance-free, negligible difference in aerodynamics.

Roofs come in white (VW white for the VW Transporter), which, along with silver, have much better thermal properties than darker colours, and don't look bad with, say, a dark blue van. We can get them painted to match your van however, if desired.

The RV conversion requires a high roof (an elevating roof is not suitable), and if the base van already has a factory high roof, deduct 900. The same applies to other conversions.

The MPV, SURF/BIKE, and CAMPER conversions may have either a high top roof or an elevating roof (not all base vans). Because one cannot stand where the bench seat is, we normally just cut out the centre section of the original van fixed roof corresponding with the sliding door. This only removes typically one roof bow, and even with strengthening is stronger that a full cut-out. The over-cab area and the area to the rear can provide useful storage, or a base for a roof bed. However, we can cut out the whole roof right to the back, and fit strengthening if desired.

HIGH TOP ROOF 2,250 Supply and fit, includes triple insulation, panelling, all trimming.
ELEVATING ROOF 2,250 Supply and fit, Reimo front height elevating roof, all trimming.
Full cut-out and frame 700
Colour coding roof 400
Top hung opening double-glazed Seitz roof windows in high top - each 230
Fixed glass roof windows (tinted add 12) in high top - each 60
Roof vent in high top 110
Roof bed in high top (no mattress) 190
Reimo roof bed in elevating roof (requires full cut-out) 500
All costs shown exclusive of VAT at the current rate.

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